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Features of Free Cool Water Purification System :

8 Stage : PP + GAC +CTO +RO +Post Carbon

Type: Reverse Osmosis Systems

Purified Water Capacity :75 Gallon per day (284 L/Day)

Material :Food grade PP plastic

Type of Flushing

RO Membrane :75G Free Cool Membrane

Booster Pump:100 GPT Free Cool Pump

Adaptor: 100-240,50/60Hz Plug

Working temperatue:5-40 C/41-104F

Working Pressur:0.1 ~ 0.4MPa

Water Tank : 4Gallon FRP Pressure tank

Water Faucet: Stainless Steel Pressure tank

Filter Lifespan :Per-Filter PP,CTO,GAC 3-4months, RO membrane, 24 months Post Filter 12Months

Replacement Cartridges

1st Stage: Sediment Filter, Replace every 3-6 months

2nd Stage :GAC Filter, Replace every 3-6 months

3rd Stage :CTRO Carbon Block Filter, Replace every 2-3 years

4th Stage :75GPD RO Membrane, Replace every 1 year

5th Stage :Inline Post Carbon Filter , Replace every 1 year

6th Stage :Alkaline pH Mineralization filter

7th & 8th Stage: 8W Stainless Steel Ultravilet Light.

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