Our Focus is to save Nature

In October 2014, Multitasking Group celebrated 25th anniversary. In the past 2 years, the number of countries where we have bases has grown while the percentage of your business accounted for by overseas operations has highly increased Energy saving solution provider for all manners one of the major brand is Free Cool solar air conditioning ,Atmospheric Water Generator and other home appliance , the core business and engine of growth for the Multitasking Group, is becoming one of the most important facts of social infrastructure, a business indispensable to providing people with good Energy saving solution provider and health ,culturally echo friendly and save the earth and money advanced lifestyle, as well as to fueling economic development. Through air conditioning, we have provided people around the world with a fulfilling, comfortable lifestyle.

At the same time, Free Cool air conditioning uses large amounts of saving energy.

One of mankind's greatest challenges will be to minimize the rise in energy consumption accompanying economic development, especially in the rapidly growing emerging countries.

We at Multitasking industries LTD are well aware that climate change resulting from an increase in greenhouse gas emissions is a major social issue that we must endeavor to solve.

It should be no surprise to hear that the planet is currently undergoing the Sixth Mass Extinction.

The difference with this one however, is that it is not being caused by asteroids, volcanoes or climate shifts; rather, it is being caused by a single species – us humans. It is fair to say that the general population are aware of the persecution of the natural world and accept that we are to blame.

Free Cool products and services, such as air conditioners that use refrigerants with low global warming potential, help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in emerging countries. We also enthusiastically engage in local environmental protection activities around the world. Free Cool products are echo friendly and save the earth and money.

President and CEO
Multitasking industries Ltd.