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Full Solar Cooling & Heating Systems

Success at research facilities and factories often hinges on strict control of air temperature and quality. To these environments, Free Cool offers an abundant range of packaged air conditioners for precise control of air and temperature to help preserve accurate results and product quality.

Free Cool Advantage
  • Energy and Cost Savings

    Using advanced inverter and heat pump technologies increases efficiency and reduces energy consumption and costs.

  • Wide Range of Solutions

    Free Cool provides a lineup to a wide range of applications that require high precision in temperature control and air quality.

  • Control by Zone / Area

    Free Cool Cooling & Heating Systems combine with ducts to distribute air only to zones and areas where needed.





4.Office building

5.Mechanical and Electrical Rooms

6.Oily and Dusty Workplaces

7.Mechanical workshop

8.Clean Rooms


Key components

1.Ground Loop

The ground loop is formed by a network of pipes located underground and outside the building footprint. Depending on the energy load and particulars of the site the loops may be installed in either a vertical or horizontal configuration for closed loop systems, or may be installed in an open loop system to access groundwater or surface water directly. The primary function of the ground loops is to collect heat from or dispose heat to the ground, ground water or surface water. This is achieved by circulating a working fluid through buried or submerged pipes (closed loop systems) or taking ground water or surface water directly (open loop systems).

2.Heat Pump

In heating mode, the heat pump transfer heat collected in the ground loop into the building. In cooling mode, the process is reversed and heat from the building is transferred to the ground loop for disposal.

3.Distribution System

The distribution system delivers or removes heat to/from a building. One of the most efficient methods for space heating is to lay pipes in the buildings concrete floor through which warmed water from the heat pump is circulated. Alternative methods include radiators or forced air systems.

How do They Work?

Heat pumps function in the same way as a standard household fridge. The following basic principles are used:

1.A liquid absorbs heat as it vaporises (e.g. boiling water turning into steam)

2.Compressing a gas increases its temperature

3.Expanding a gas reduces its temperature

4.As a gas loses heat, it will turn back into a liquid (e.g. steam condensing back to water)

A heat pump uses these principles, circulating a refrigerant through a loop with two heat exchangers - one exchanger to gain heat, one to lose it. A refrigerant is a liquid with a very low boiling point, meaning that it can evaporate into a gas and condense back into a liquid at low temperature. When circulated in a loop between two heat exchangers, the refrigerant gains heat from one exchanger so that it turns into a gas, the gas is compressed, and then passes through the second exchanger where it loses heat, before being expanded, returning to a liquid to begin the cycle again. In a geothermal heat pump, the first heat exchanger is placed in the circuit with the ground loop, the second in the circuit with the building. The refrigerant can gain heat from the ground loop and lose it to the building, or can operate in reverse; heating or cooling the building respectively.



Free Cool Solar A/C Payback System ( only for US and Canada)

For centuries, the Sun has been making homes hot and unbearable… Now it’s time for some payback!

The Sun may a Fiery Ball of Heat that makes your Home Hot, Sticky, and Unbearable. But did you know you can actually use the Sun to Keep Your Home Cooler? Yes, the sun may cause your home to be a furnace in the summer, and make your utility bills go through the roof, but now you can harness that “hot” power, not to mention the space on your roof, and actually control it, using it to power your air conditioner or heat pump and keep your home cool… for less. Reduce or eliminate your cooling costs with the Free Cool Solar A/C Payback System exclusively from Watts & Holmes The system produces energy from the sun and reduces the electrical draw from your air conditioner, saving you money. The Free Cool Solar A/C Payback System uses the power of the sun, capturing it in a series of space-age solar panels that power not only your cooling system, but also other appliances when the A/C is not in use.

Advantage #1:

When you are using your cooling system, the Free Cool Solar A/C Payback System makes your meter run more slowly, saving you money on utility bills.

Advantage #2:

When your cooling system is off, your meter can actually run backwards!

Advantage #3:

In winter when you are not using your cooling system, you can use that stored power to power other appliances throughout your home.

How it works:

Solar Panel Features:

1.25-year warranty

2.Panels withstand 1” hail at 50 MPH

3.Built-in roof flashings keep rain and elements out

4.Online monitoring of your system is available

Special Savings

For a limited time only, you can harness the raw power of the Sun and save big.

Ask about 0% financing for 18 months for qualified homeowners.

1.$1,000 manufacturer rebate on the solar system when a new Free Cool cooling system is installed in your home

2.Up to 30% federal tax credit on the cost of the solar system equipment and the installation

3.Up to 35% North Carolina state tax credit on the cost of the solar system equipment and the installation

4.Up to $500 Free Cool rebate on any new Free Cool home comfort system For specifics on the tax credits

Free Cool Atmospheric Water System